This site was established to warn people about the evils of animal neutering.  The Holy Ghost gave us brains. Common sense, neutering is animal torture.  Have you ever read the nightmarish anti-utopian novel Animal Farm?  When a selfish psychopath takes an animal to a veterinarian to be neutered, it's not the glue factory folks.

Questions and Answers
First, I ask you this, do you want the Holy Ghost to damn you to Hell forever?  Then don't ask stupid questions.

Q1.  People kill cows for hamburgers.  Then can't we castrate pet companions?
A1. See above.  Of course not!  When a cow is killed, it is done quickly and its soul leaves the body and goes to Biblical Heaven.  It leaves it relic (hamburger) behind.  When an animal is neutered, it spends the rest of its life in severe psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual pain.  It often makes them suicidal.  Man has dominion over animals.  There is such a thing as good animal husbandry, but obviously neutering is animal torture and should be illegal. 

Q2.  Do animals have souls?  
A2.  See above.  Of course.  This is self evident.  They love freely and should be respected with same rights as everyone else.  They should also be baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Q3. Does the Golden Rule apply to animals?
A3. See above.  OF COURSE THE GOLDEN RULE APPLIES TO ANIMALS!  Treat animals as you would treat yourself.   Suppose you and your animal were to switch places in the next life; wouldn't you wish you'd treated your animal with love and kindness? Would you want to be in your animal's place? They love and suffer just the same way humans do.  They should always be provided with what they need.  They need baptisms, constant blessings, unconditional (no conditions) love and companionship.  They almost always request at least one other animal friend.

Q4. When does an animal's life and soul begin?
A4. See above.  Sacred: an animal's life and soul (Praise the Heavens!) starts at conception. 

Q5. Should abortion be illegal for animals? 
A5. See above.  Yes.  Indeed, it already is.  God's laws always applies.

Q6. Should animals ever be punished?
A6. See above.  Never.  However, animals should be brought up the way Sylvester is in the story, Sylvester and the Magic Pebble, id est, with Roman Catholicism, Christ in their lives, etc.  Should you actually catch them sinning, which is almost unheard of, politely ask them to follow their conscience.  NEVER put force on them.  God forbid anyone should ever punish an animal.

Q7. What happens to veterinarians if they neuter animals?
A7.  See above.  "If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away." -Jesus Christ, Messiah

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